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Krassimir Vajarov - Medical Background

Medical Doctor, General Practitioner (1977)

After graduating from the University of Sophia Academy of Medicine in 1977, Krassimir Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria), practiced family medicine using the holistic and natural therapies taught in European medical schools. European medicine typically includes therapies which are considered "alternative medicine" in Canada, natural therapies such as vitamin and mineral supplementation, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. more...

Medical Doctor, Ophthalmologist (1982)

After graduating from the University of Sophia Academy of Medicine as an Ophthalmologist ("Medical Specialist, Eye Doctor") in 1982, Krassimir Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria) worked in the Kyustendil General Hospital eye division diagnosing and treating eye diseases. He became an internationally known medical researcher in the field of medical iridology for the extensive medical research he conducted while working at the hospital. more...

Naturotherapist, Canada (1992)

After immigrating to Canada, Krassimir Vajarov, opened the Eyes On Health Clinic. For nearly two decades, he has been offering the people of Ottawa-Gatineau Region holistic and natural medicine therapies like those taught in European medical schools and practiced in European hospitals ("Canadian Alternative Medicine"). more...

Krassimir Vajarov - Medical Credentials

European Credentials

Doctor of Medicine, General Practice
University of Sofia, Academy of Medicine (Bulgaria, 1977)

Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Ophthalmology
University of Sofia, Academy of Medicine (Bulgaria, 1982)

Classical Chinese and European AcupunctureUniversity of Sofia, Academy of Medicine (Bulgaria, 1978)

Medical Herbalist
University of Sofia, Academy of Medicine (Bulgaria, 1980)

Opthalmosomatic Analyst
Honorary diploma for medical research.
International Conference on Iridology Research (Czechoslovakia, 1980)

North American Credentials

Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists Permit no. 94-1246 (Canada,1994)

Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Examination in Acupuncture for Physicians, Dentists and Physiotherapists Certification no. 109/97/98 (Canada, 1998)

Medical Herbalist and Opthalmosomatic Analyst
Center for Building Better Health Naturally (USA, 1998)


Allergy Specialist
Medical Iridology

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