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Health Care Philosophy

Eyes On Health Clinic offers you a new pioneering approach for personal health care based on a combination of Eastern and Western health sciences.

Modern medicine has made wonderful advances in the last century, but the"diagnose and treat" model remains in the same "sick care" mind set which requires you to become ill before you can receive diagnosis and treatment.

The emphasis in our clinic is on prevention of illness, early disease detection and intervention and well-being promotion. We value prevention as a key component of reducing the risk of illness and helping to correct small problems before they can become a complex disease simply because adequate preventive measures at the appropriate time had not been taken.

We have created a health assessment and well-being management program that is time proven to deliver results for both men and women. This program is customized to fit your individual needs.

We use ancient health care approaches to help people see their current health condition and then develop strategies to achieve optimal health and maintain it as long as possible.

We believe that there is too much health compromise in the quality of life that we are prone to accept as a "normal" aging conditions. These types of compromises only serve to limit our well being and reduce our enjoyment of life. They program us to accept what they define as the "inevitable". In our opinion, this type of categorization is far too prevalent and unnecessary.

The meticulous observers of the Far East have suggested that, except in the case of genetically diseases and accidents, there are no lesional illnesses that are not preceded by functional troubles.

Our goal is to detect as early as possible any functional disturbances and eliminate them. It is based upon using some time proven health protection techniques on a periodical basis to find out the potential risk factors in your body before symptoms become evident. Once health risk are identified, we will create a well-being health care protection program specifically for you which will be designed to prevent identified weaknesses.

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