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Classical Chinese and European Acupuncture University of Sofia, Academy of Medicine (Bulgaria, 1978)


Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Examination in Acupuncture for Physicians, Dentists and Physiotherapists Certification no. 109/97/98 (Canada, 1998)

Dr. Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria), received certification to work as an acupuncturist in Bulgaria during his residency at the University of Sophia Academy of Medicine. In Bulgaria, studies in acupuncture are medical school electives and require additional training above and beyond a medical degree.

The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada recertified him as an acupuncturist because he passed the Examination in Acupuncture for Physicians, Dentists and Physiotherapists (Canada, 1998).

Medical Researcher

Dr. Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria), has conducted extensive research in the field of European-style acupuncture. Before leaving Bulgaria in 1992, he had 17 of his acupuncture research articles published in international journals.

30 Years Experience

Krassimir Vajarov has been practicing acupuncture for more than 30 years. He believes it is one of the most powerful therapies available because it most often brings results quicker than many conventional therapies. He feels confident specializing in natural therapies when he uses acupuncture as the backbone of his practice. He says:

" I see results with acupuncture that I never see with any other therapy. It's very fast. When people come to me by word of mouth, they just want to get the results that their friends got. They don't care how. I almost always use acupuncture."

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