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Aura Therapy

The human body is made up of electronic vibrations. Every organ and system in the body has very specific frequencies which interact with each other to make the human being a vibrational unit with the Life Force circulating in the acupuncture-meridian system.

We are aware of the fact that the body has an electro-magnetic field around it a bio-field called an "aura" which envelops the body. These auric emanations have been used for healing in many civilizations in antiquity. In the Ebers papyrus it says: "Lay your hand on him to ease his pain and in order for his suffering to disappear". The Father of medicine, Hippocrates wrote about "the force which flows from many people's hands."

The Eastern philosophy describes the Life Force which creates the aura as a "Qi." It flows through the twelve main meridians in the body, which are connected to the internal organs. When "Qi" in the system is well balanced, we enjoy good health. If for some reason there are energy blockages into the acupuncture-meridian system, we may experience health deterioration.

It is very important to know that every illness is manifesting first in the auric field for months or years before material changes in the body start to take place.

Dr. Walter Kilner, head of the electrotherapy division at St. Thomas Hospital in London, discovered a method to make the human aura visible. Since the status of the aura directly reflects the status of a person's health, Dr. Kilner was able to introduce his technique as auric diagnosis. The aura provides information not only about our health, but our state of mind and spiritual development.

The Russian inventor S. Kirlian developed techniques to record the auric colors on film. Experiments in the USA conducted by Dr. T. Moss proved the existence of the auric envelope a long time ago. When part of a plant leaf was cut off, a glowing outline of the amputated portion of the leaf still appeared on film using the Kirlian photography.

Aura Therapy is an energy therapy with the goal of balancing the Life Force through the auric field. It is based on the balance of energy flow within the human organism as a whole body, mind and spirit. This is a non- invasive procedure with a calming effect.

Aura Therapy restores proper energy flow in the human energy system by removing the blockages. Aura therapy can improve the health condition of people who are ill. Aura Therapy can also be preventative for continuing good health before a disease manifests on the physical level.

Aura Therapy is suitable for any kind of health problem and can be applied safely in combinations with other healing modalities.

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