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Traditional Chinese Diagnosis (TCM)

Pulse Analysis

Pulse Analysis (PA) is an ancient technique which reveals any energy flow disturbances within the twelve major acupuncture meridians. No other method of energy analysis can reveal the overall state of energy balance within the body. The PA can determine the subtlest energy fluctuations between the organs' energy in the acupuncture meridian circuit. Each organs' energy is connected with one of the main meridians. This energy is manifested at the radial artery and can be felt as a pulse at the wrist. Under different pressures, these points reveal a status of the body's energy system which in case of imbalance can be corrected with acupuncture, moxibustion and/or other healing techniques to restore health.

Face Analysis

Oriental medicine understands the physical body as a material expression of the soul. This is why the body with the most visible part – the face is an object for observation and has been for centuries. The expression of our internal life and health is open for a qualified practitioner to read as one would read any book. In earlier times, the best readers were doctors who used this techniques because they were not allowed to touch the patient’s body. For many this ability to translate the information provided by the face resulted in action taken to ensure the patient’s survival.

Today we have different systems for face analysis. In the Oriental medicine for example, they are different face zones - each of them has a reflex connection with a corresponding internal organs through the acupuncture meridian system. Energy imbalances in the internal organs are revealed on the face. Such an analysis includes the face’s structure, colors, and lines to determine the harmony of energy within the organs of the body; hence, providing the information to correct any dysfunction within the system.

Your face is like a book detailing the state your emotional and physical wellness. Face analysis provides us with another avenue to confirm the observations made via the other techniques. The techniques combined in analysis are like getting a “second opinion” on your condition.

Tongue Analysis

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre have found the scientific basis for tongue diagnosis. (Get more information on their web site!)

Tongue reading is a very sophisticated method of energy disturbance diagnosis. The tongue shows what is happening inside our bodies. To do tongue analysis the body of the tongue is divided into zones representing various organs. The practitioner examines the tongue’s “map” to search for irregularities which will reflect potential health problems.

Looking at the tongue “map”, practitioners are particularly conscious of the tongue’s body color, shape, coating, moisture and presence of “spirit” to determine the internal organ dysfunction and to assess the health prognosis. The tip of the tongue reflects heart conditions – the heart zone. Behind this area is the lung zone. The centre of the tongue represents the stomach and spleen areas. Both sides of the tongue correspond to the liver and gall bladder. The root of the tongue corresponds to the kidneys.

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