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Iridology Treatment To Improve Health

Krassimir Vajarov impressess me as a knowledgeable and insightfull professional and honest practitioner. I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle including eating right, exercising regularly and taking adequate supplement. I am very happy to have found K. Vajarov. His approach to medicine encompasses the basic principles to living a healthy life. It is evident that his compassion towards restoring health with his patients is of uttermost importance. He listens to his patients needs and takes the "whole person" into account when considering treatment. If you are looking to eliminate health issues, or searching for alternatives via a gentler and more natural approach to your health, K. Vajarov is your answer.

His ability to carefully listen and decipher my health issues has been one of the most valuable gifts for me. I am very pleased to recommend him as a naturopathic health care practitioner, an acupuncturist,and allergy elimination practitioner and an iridologist. He has demonstrated excellent knowledge in all of this areas and I am very pleased with the results. He is warm, highly intelligent person who truly cares about your wellbeing and your health. He delves deep into the subject on hand, making sure he analyses the root causes of any ailment, by using one or all of his many talents.

iridology-Following a thoughly professional and detailed discussion of my medical history through an iridology reading,K. Vajarov outlined areas where he felt could benefit from a course of treatment. this was followed by recommendations as to how to improve my health.

Naturopathy operates with the idea that a person is an interrelated whole and that health means optimal functioning of that entirety. I have appreciated both the practice and the results that myself and my family have received from Krassimir Vajarov. Naturopathic treatment from him has well proven its value.

His medical background (M.D. and ophthalmologist in Bulgaria), his knowledge, combined with his listening skills make him an excellent naturopath, I continue to recommend him to friends and those I meet who are interested in alternative health care. He listens ti his clients and demonstrates a caring concern for their wellbeing. He works with them to improve their health.. S.C.

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