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Allergy Alleviation Treatment

I have been a client of Krassimir Vajarov (M.D. in Bulgaria) since the mid 90's. I have first benefited from his acupuncture expertise for healing a wade range of sports releated injuries and relieving pain.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with fibromatosis in the pleura, a rare benign tumor that had to be controlled with chemotherapy. My oncologist was in full agreement with the use of acupuncture to control the pain (it is highly effective) and to relieve the nausea. Two years later, my intravenous chemo was changed for oral chemo to be taken every day.

I had a major allergic reaction to this medication (Gleevec) but m ty oncologist insisted that I tough it out and use antihistamines to lessen the allergic reaction.

I consulted Krassimir Vajarov and he gave me an allergy alleviation treatment. To say that I was skeptical at the time is an understatement!

However, the swelling and itchiness cleared up the next day. I remained on Gleevec for more than five years and yes the allergy treatment had to be redone a few times but it has allowed me to remain on the medication that best controlled the growth of my tumor.

I firmly believe in traditional medicine and also believe that alternative medicines such as those performed by competent professional like K. Vajarov play a huge role in relieving pain and achieving wellness and well being.

K. Vajarov (M.D. in Bulgaria) has the skills and the experience to deliver very high quality services in a clean and friendly environment. He is a caring health professional who keeps up with new techniques to help his clients and is onest enough to let you know if he cannot alleviate your pain.

I highly recommend him to my family and friends.


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