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Breast Cancer Support

Tuesday, March 23, 2001
Nepean, Ontario

K. Vajarov
Re - Iridology

In October 1996, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I looked for alternative help which led me to seek out Vajarov on a friend's referral. The radiologist had informed me that the cancer had already spread - obviously I needed more information. On my first visit, after a consultation and comprehensive questionnaire, Vajarov gave my acupuncture explaining what he was going to do and why.

Although I had been in a nervous state when I began the treatment, I found it calming and fell asleep. How amazed I was to find out that he allowed me to sleep long after my time - his sensitivity to what my needs are, remains a strong attribute. During the thorough consultation after Iridology, it was Vajarov that showed me, looking at the picture of my eye, that the cancer had not spread. This I was able to confirm weeks later, by my surgeon.

It has been fourteen months that I have been receiving treatment from Vajarov to restore me back to good health. He continues to be a wonderful resource, always willing to answer questions,and to be very responsive in altering treatment to meet my current need.

Vajarov has been a mainstay in my recovery,and will continue to be an important part in maintaining my wellness - his skill and knowledge have been the key.

Roberta Hayley

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