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Early Detection of Breast Cancer

October 2000

A friend recommended Vajarov to me as he had been successful in identifying an underlying medical problem that she had been suffering from and that her general practitioner was unable to diagnose. I was unfamiliar with iridology and its potential benefits at that time. During my initial visit with Vajarov he enlightened me about iridology and how analysis of the coloured part of the eye can indicate the condition of an individual's health since each organ of the body is mapped to a specific area of the iris. He then proceeded to take photos of my eyes.

During my follow up visit he explained to me his analysis of the photos. Among other revelations he expressed concern about the possibility of a problem in my left breast and he strongly encouraged me to further investigate this possibility through my general practitioner. I was skeptical about this particular finding since I had recently had a mammogram which was unremarkable and showed no abnormalities. I proceed to take his advice on other issues and I began taking several herbal remedies that he had recommended to address other problems.

Several months later, prompted by minor bleeding through my breast nipple, a biopsy was performed on my left breast.The biopsy discovered cancerous cells in the milk-duct. Surgery was quickly scheduled and followed by weeks of consecutive radiation treatments. I was extremely lucky that we found the cancer when we did and that it wasn't more serious than it was.

In retrospect, Vajarov had, through his iridology analysis, identified BEFORE anyone else that there was an existing problem.

I highly recommend Vajarov's services to ANYONE who considers early detection and prevention of health problems to be important!

Dora L. Cummings

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