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Eliminating Chronic Migraine and Insomnia

On February 9, 1996, you gave me the result of your analysis of my eyes as per your IRIDOLOGY expertise. This was such an eye opener as it allowed me to SEE beyond my symptomatic problems into its source and it provoked me to take immediate responsibility for my own health. Thirteen points out of 21 points you had mentioned, were actual physiological dysfunctions I have battled with for 30 years.

Many of these points of dysfunctions,at the time of my visit with you, had increasingly gotten so bad, in spite of all the treatments, countless medications and tremendously expensive vitamin regimen, that I felt desperately hopeless to ever revert my conditions. Four points you referred to as "old signs" of severe conditions I have had in the past, one is as remote as when I was 12 years old. Five other points referred to hereditary patterns of dysfunctions that myself, my mother and her mother have been troubled with. You had no means to know these things as you did not know my health and my family history before. There were four points, in the analysis of my iris, that I saw I could take responsibility for. I could take steps to control the level of stress I allow to affect me. I could take steps to detoxify, cleanse and rebuild my digestive system by educating myself on how it functions and what are the required proper nutrition to correct the damage done.

By revamping my 50 years of bad eating habits by going the natural way so that the food that I eat may be best transformed into proper nutrients to cleanse, repair and rebuilt my body. I will no longer look at the symptoms and try to suppress them but I will try to learn from them and heal them at the source - my digestive system. It is only three weeks since you gave me your analysis of my iridology. In these three weeks I have read much about colon cleansing: organic foods: and the importance of proper food combination. I have emptied my cupboard and fridge of everything that relate to my former eating habits (which, by the way, was not that bad in comparison to the average). I have been feeding of organic fruits and vegetable juices and vegetable-based foods.

I have added to these: Psyllium,Spirulina,Alfalfa,Enzymes and Minerals I have cleansed and keep on cleansing the colon and now in the process of detoxifying and deworming my system. In only three weeks, the results are outstanding. The chronic and acute muscle pain I suffered for count less years has dramatically reduced. For the last 16 years I suffered ongoing migraines but in the last three weeks I had none.

Since 1985 I have suffered severe chronic insomnia, culminating since last August from 0 to 3 hours of sleep. In the last week I have sleep every night an average of 6 hours with less homeopathic medicine than I'd had in the last two months. I am expecting more restoration as I continue my journey to wonderful health. I am forever grateful to this wonderful science and to your expertise of it.

Thank you for IRIDOLOGY without which I would not have been able to see beyond my symptoms. IRIDOLOGY has given me a greater appreciation of "how fearfully and wonderfully we are made".

Huguette Coderre

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