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Exhaustion Caused by Parasites

In April 2005 I contacted Krassimir Vajarov M.D. (Bulgaria) because of exhaustion. The blood test my family physician had ordered come back negative.

I explained my symptoms to Krassimir. Within a couple of minutes he indicated that I might have parasites and immediately tested me for this. The results were positive.

He advised me to get some natural products for treating parasites and to return the next day for a treatment. I went to my health food store and purchased various products. The next day I returned to K. Vajarov's office for a treatment.

Within hours of receiving the energy treatment I began to feel better. To my surprise, I spent the next day doing various outdoors physical activities whereas for the previous month I had not been able to exert myself physically in any way because of exhaustion.

I returned for a re-test two days later and Krassimir confirmed that I no longer had parasites. My energy had returned and I felt very good.

I had forgotten to mention to K. Vajarov that at the time that I had been to China eight months earlier and that the feeling of unease and fatigue had gradually build up over that period of time to the point where I had difficulty functioning.

I was grateful for the immediate attention K. Vajarov M.D.(Bulgaria) gave me, his advice and the noninvasive and natural treatment he dispensed. I was most impressed with my recovery.

Lynne Lajoie
Ottawa, Ontario

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