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Relief from Multiple Health Issues

It is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to introduce you to Vajarov. I have known and experienced the quality of his care since 1992. His assessments of my condition has always been thorough and complete. At no time have I felt rushed or dissatisfied with the time he has spent with me nor the quality of his care.

As a person with a history of many health problems and exposure to various specialists, I can definitely attest to the fact that the Wellness that I experience today is a direct result of consultations and treatments by Vajarov. In the past, through acupuncture, he has eliminated migraine headaches, fatigue and sciatica. All conditions, which I had for years, but which had been unsuccessfully treated by physiotherapists, my family doctor and medications.

I am pleased to inform you that I am no longer on medication and these conditions have rarely resurfaced. Most recently I have had a bout of what has been diagnosed as chronic idiopathic angioedema. Swelling was both internal and external with heavy rash over the entire body. This condition began in May 1997 and has been so severe as to prevent me from working.

Both an allergist and a dermatologist from the Civic Hospital, and an internist from the Queensway Carleton, after very extensive testing, informed me that medically speaking all tests revealed I was a textbook case of perfect health and they could offer me no assistance only the hope that the condition would disappear on its own. At this time I consulted with Vajarov.

After extensive discussion and an iridology assessment in September 1997, he informed me that my iris reflected allergies, that there was evidence of the mucous membrane being irritated in my stomach, a tendency to formation of small polyps in the colon and evidence of a growth in the bladder in addition to less serious conditions. In October I went to a second allergist who indeed confirmed that I have multiple allergies. In November I had a bladder cystoscopy which resulted in the removal of a malignant tumor.

I am now on a monitoring program with the Civic every six months for the next three years. In January 1998 I had my digestive tract and intestine scoped.

Once again, Vajarov was correct and a polyp on the colon was removed and I now must have this examination annually to monitor any progress. You can surely appreciate that Vajarov will continue to be my primary resource in the maintenance of my health.

Pauline McColgan

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