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No More Bladder Spasms: Relief with Koryo Hand Therapy

Very belatedly I am sending along my thanks for your fabulous intervention using Korean acupuncture.

As you remember, I was in despair over my bladder which was in spasm so frequently, it was interfering with my life. The pain was so severe, I had to curtail my activities, and would double over with the pain. As you may also remember, my situation was complicated by the fact that I had metal in my body from surgical implants, and as well, I had neurological difficulties.

The reason for the delay in letting you know of the real success of the intervention was that, in fact, I was waiting just in case I would have to come back for some further treatments. I have had two catheter changes since I last saw you, and those would always increase the level of spasm. Not so since the treatment. I am thrilled with the result.

Many thanks,
H. D.

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