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A Heart Warming Pet Experience: Muscle Response Testing Speaks for Ming

Approximately 7 years ago I was sent to Vajarov's Naturotherapy Clinic by my doctor. I received only the one acupuncture session from Mr. Vajarov and did not see him again for about 3 years. My story will elaborate on how he managed to help me extensively and much later my beautiful little dog, Ming.

Three years later, I had to go to emergency 2 or 3 times and nobody could discover the problem. I decided to submit to an elaborate blood test that had to be sent to the US. While waiting for the results, my mother told me she had been to Mr. Vajarov's Clinic for an iridology reading. Iridology, from my limited understanding, is the study of the irises of the eye. The results of the study are an opinion of the subject's health history and how it may possibly relate to their health in the future.

Pictures were taken of my eyes, with a specialized camera for focusing on very small objects. The pictures were then read by Mr. Vajarov. Concentrating on changes like, in layperson's terms, marks or spots that are on the irises, he revealed possible pre-dispositions to certain illnesses that had occurred or may occur in my lifetime. He cautioned me that the analysis was not a diagnosis but that I should see my doctor for confirmation. Prior to the reading he asked me not to tell him anything about my medical history because he did not want this information to influence anything he might see in the pictures.

The results from my reading were an absolute wealth of information. It provided indicators for my lack of well being. Once additional blood tests were done by the doctor, the results confirmed what Mr. Vajarov had turned up and what no one else could seem to decipher.

I began regular sessions for acupuncture and received advice on dietary changes. Within 6 months, I was like a new person. Had a solution not been found for this medical puzzle it possibly would have turned into a chronic or life threatening problem. Since then I book acupuncture at the Clinic regularly as a maintenance regime for this and other medical issues.

In 2000, I informed Mr. Vajarov of a problem I was having with my bladder. He suggested I go to a general practitioner for a referral to a specialist. Mr. Vajarov has always been concerned that a medical doctor, qualified in Canada, be very much involved in any prognosis for the simple fact that all bases are covered. My doctor referred me to a specialist and an appointment was made. I did go to the appointment and after the test to determine the problem was explained to me including the side effects I cancelled the test appointment. Something told me it was best. I told Mr. Vajarov what I had done. He thought that my decision was a little too hasty. Recognizing that I would not be changing my mind and at my request he then suggested some alternative ways to help me. One was acupuncture and the other involved herbs. I drank the herbs that were prepared by boiling them into a tea. I was to drink the herbs for 2 weeks. He also suggested a course of acupuncture sessions. With this regime, the problem was controlled. Again with regular maintenance, I have been able to keep things in check.

Mr. Vajarov helped me in the most important way of my whole life. In February 2002 my dog, a little lhasa apso, was diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Vajarov was so helpful and supportive.

In the last 4 or 5 years, he has been studying NAET. This is a form of allergy treatment that concentrates on reversing a person's allergies instead of putting them at bay with allergy shots. In order to prepare for the treatment and identify the allergies, muscle testing is done. Muscle testing is a procedure that tests the body's reactions to various substances. The procedure works as follows: the individual holds an item in one hand that is to be tested for an allergic reaction while the other arm is extended for the tester to apply reasonable force to see whether or not the arm will fall. If the extended arm does fall that indicates a positive reaction to whatever is being tested, usually indicating an allergy or sensitivity.

The concept is that muscles will become weak when they come in contact with allergens. This same muscle testing can be used to ask the body general questions about the person who is being tested. For example, Mr. Vajarov wrote down four different dates on small pieces of paper, folded them and then placed one of them in my hand. I was asked if that paper had my birthday written on it. The questions were answered by my body using the procedure as explained above. Four times this was done and the pieces of paper were separated according to a yes or no answer. The one and only paper that resulted in a "yes" was indeed my birthday. The capacity of the body to know was mind boggling!

He used muscle testing on Ming, which in my opinion, was the most helpful and accurate way to get a sense for what was going on with her. This procedure helped me know just exactly what stage she was at during her illness. I have always said, just like so many pet owners, "It would be great if our pets could talk and tell us what their problems are". With muscle testing that was the next best thing.

Using me as a surrogate, Mr. Vajarov asked her the questions to which I so desperately needed answers. I prepared the questions but I did no know what the answers were until the end of each of the sessions because all the questions were asked silently. Questions like, did she have cancer? Yes. Was it spreading? Yes. Did she need help to end her life? No. Did she know how much I loved her? Yes and so on.

The most helpful result of the questioning happened in July when Ming had a very bad set back. She was taken into the vet appearing very much to be dying. The vet admitted her for two days, putting her on IV fluids and force feeding. When I picked her up she still was not great. I continued to force feed her for 4 or 5 more days. My partner kept saying that Ming was suffering and I really should consider letting her go. The vet also called to check to see how she was doing. I told her I was still force feeding Ming and that she still looked like she was going to die. She told me I should really consider that Ming was suffering and that the humane thing was to consider putting her to sleep. On the Wednesday a couple of weeks after the July 1st weekend I made the decision. I scheduled her for Friday; the hardest thing I have ever done. By Thursday, I was desperate to know the answer to one more questions, "Ming, do you want to die at the vet tomorrow?" Without question, the best thing happened. Mr. Vajarov asked the question using me as the surrogate four times and every time, he could not move my arm which translated into an absolute "no". I have never experienced such an emphatic no like that. Shortly, after that the most amazing thing happened, Ming got up and started eating on her own. It was as if all of sudden she said to herself; "Oh boy I guess I better get up or I am history". I was so happy to cancel the appointment for Friday.

Mr. Vajarov continued to help me with the answers to so many more questions but unfortunately Ming gave up her battle on September 6, 2002. All I can say is that I miss her terribly but Mr. Vajarov helped provide me with the answers to so many questions I had and all Ming's answers were absolutely right. This experience was so helpful and provided a very human side to what otherwise would have been a guessing game. Pet owners will appreciate what I am saying here. They are our best friends.

Thank you Mr. Vajarov. You have been a god send to me, your support and progressive attitude towards constantly updating yourself saved me from suffering more experiences and irreversible mistakes then were necessary.


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