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Relief with NAET Allergy Elimination

To open my personal report, I want to say that I am much better since I started NAET treatments in the fall of 2000.

My history of allergies goes back a long time although I did not recognize some of my problems as allergies ( it is possible that many people do not).

As a young child (I am now 73) I remember having to take a "white medicine" which was prescribed by my own family doctor. This was for pains in my stomach. Was it an allergy? Who knows. I do know that in the strawberry season I could not eat many of of them as I would break out in a rash. I was thin and underweight.

When I reached my late forties I blamed my stomach problems on various things, such as change of life. My family doctor advised me that I had "irritable bowel syndrome". For many years I had trouble with constipation and took laxatives regularly.

In my fifties I traveled to Toronto, and I was seen every three to six weeks by a physician who had all the conventional medicine education, but who had extended his treatments to include some complementary medicine.

Because of the travel distance to Toronto, I thought it better to seek out a physician in my own city, who had the reputation of treating allergies but whose methods were much more exploratory than most allergy specialists.

This doctor was of the opinion that allergies were my prime problem. Over a two year period I had many blood tests, sent to laboratories in the USA: these were repeated every three months. It was also on an elimination diet. In addition this doctor referred me to K. Vajarov (M.D. in Bulgaria) for acupuncture twice a week as a treatment for the pain in my stomach. But the program prescribed by this doctor proved to be very burdensome and any beneficial results were very minimal. The extreme diet requirements and constant testing contributed to my poor state of well-being, including depression.

After six months I felt better and my husband and I took a five weeks holiday to the west coast of the USA. The holiday on the whole was great but I found that eating out was a particular problem, bringing back many of my unpleasant symptoms.

On returning home I decided to investigate NAET. In the spring of that year K. Vajarov provided had provided me with a brochure on NAET. Meeting with K. Vajarov he gave me a very worthwhile and detailed description of the NAET method, and provided me with a video on the treatment. In addition I got the book "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, the developer of NAET. (She herself had allergies).

Because I had known K. Vajarov from his work with me with acupuncture, I trusted him. He is a physician with a degree in medicine in Bulgaria. He is also a graduate in naturopathic medicine, and has qualifications in the field of NAET. All this documentation is posted on his office wall for public viewing. I always consider this important when dealing with professional people.

I started NAET treatment with K. Vajarov in the fall of 2000. The treatment has "worked". I have had many treatments for individual allergies and my life is much better. I can eat "out" in restaurants and for the most part have no problems with my digestion. It is a pleasure to know that I can go about my normal activities as well as holidays and any other special occasions and feel well.

I do not hesitate to recommend this treatment for allergies. I have had excellent follow up with K. Vajarov. I continued to see my family doctor throughout all of this and he is aware of NAET.

As a registered nurse I worked full time for 35 years, and it took me some time to actually become involved in complementary medicine. But as I became aware of the need for some type of treatment other than the "conventional" methods which I had known throughout my career, I decided that I must seek out these other approaches to our medical problems, of which NAET is one. As a result I am enjoying good health and an active and full life.

It is my opinion that medicine as taught in the universities and medical schools in North America and complementary medicine are BOTH needed so that all people may reach their optimum level of health. It is my hope that the two approaches may meld together, to see the value of each other, and that practitioners in both fields will work together for the benefit of all.

M.J.T.W. R.N., P.H.N.

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