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Treatment of Overall Health Ailments

A friend of mine and I are both cancer survivors. When I told her, a few years ago, that I was lactose intolerant and could not take calcium or vitamin C, she recommended that I go and see one Krassimir Vajarov who, she was convinced could help me.

Stupidly, I did not go to see him until a new health crisis, and an ultrasound ordered by my general practitioner, forced me to make that long overdue appointment to see K. vajarov (M.D. in Bulgariaa). My gall bladder had been bothering me for some time. The ultrasound showed large gall stones. My GP's suggestion was an appointment for me to see the surgeon-certainly not my preferred option. Another surgery? Definitely not! So off to Krassimir Vajarov I went.

The first thing Krassimir did before starting any treatment was to test me throughly, including an Iridology test. Because of the results of this 2nd test, he said that I should ask my general practitioner to order a bone density test. The results of that test were not encouraging. At the same time, for the first time in my life I was bothered by plantar fascilitis.

K. Vajarov's comprehensive approach in the testing and treatment of my ailments paid dividends. He introduced me to an interesting and balanced variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches to health care, which have, undoubtedly, contributed to my overall restoration to good health.

To summarise: I can now drink milk and take calcium without problems. My gall bladder is still with me, and I feel wonderful. My plantar fasciitis is no longer a problem. What I can say to Krassimir Vajarov is this: the acupuncture and the vitamins, minerals and natural medicines you recommended, have all worked for me. As have those relaxation techniques you taught me.

All that is left for me to say is a simple "Thank you!" And continue doing the good work you have been doing.

A very grateful retired RN

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