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Severe Ragweed Allergy

During a visit with my dentist, he accidentally hit a vein while giving me the freezing needle. I began to feel my body paralyze and become very weepy, cried as a child.

He thought that I was putting on a show but after some research with a pharmacist friend, we found out that these were possible reactions to the freezing coursing though the blood stream one of which was paralysis and depression.

I couldn't drive my car back home and called a friend to come to pick me up.

From that time and the whole next day, I could not rest, lie, sit for any lenght of time.

I had to pace and pace and pace. My nervous system was severely affected.

It occurred to me to call Krassimir Vajarov who was most gracious with me and was able to bring me back to normal very quickly with an acupuncture treatment.

I had a severe ragweed allergy from mid August until the first frost. It was so tiring. I thought to ask K. Vajarov (M.D. in Bulgaria) for help and so during the next winter months he treated me with NAET technique.

I have been ragweed allergy free now for a few years and what a relief !

I have much to be grateful for.

C. Chartrand

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