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Solving Menstrual Irregularities: No More Birth Control Pills!

Iris Analysis has solved a two-year mystery for me.

My menstrual cycle had been very irregular for quite some time. Some months, my period would last 14 days! My family doctor felt that the best solution to my problem would be to put me on the birth control pill to regulate my cycle. There seem to be no alternative.

Although the pill did make my cycle normal again, I couldn't help feeling that this "solution" was not healthy for me. After six months, I decided to stop taking it. I knew that the pill was not treating my problem...only masking my symptoms.

Through an ever growing interest in alternative therapies, I came to know Mr. Vajarov. His knowledge of and belief in IRIDOLOGY was fascinating. I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing ! He was able to tell me how every organ in my body was functioning ; my strong points and my weak points. When he came to discussing my uterus, he told me he was 99% certain that I had fibroids. He send me for an ultrasound which confirmed that I did, in fact, have two small fibroids.

Now I finally knew the cause of my menstrual irregularities. After researching fibroids and the problems they can sometimes cause, I discovered that my being on the pill might have been the worst thing for me. Fibroids feed and grow on estrogen!

Because of my experience, I have complete faith in iris analysis. I will continue to rely on it. I know it will help me to catch small problems before they become big ones!

C. Martin

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